Jake DeBrusk benched by Jim Montgomery on Saturday.
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Jake DeBrusk benched by Jim Montgomery on Saturday.

The Boston Bruins head coach is not happy with veteran forward Jake DeBrusk and he is letting everyone know about it.

Jonathan Larivee

Boston Bruins veteran forward Jake Debrusk has found himself on his coach's bad side.

On Saturday afternoon, Bruins head coach Jim Montgomery officially confirmed that the Bruins would be hitting the ice later tonight against the Los Angeles Kings without DeBrusk in the lineup. Montgomery spoke to the media on Saturday and publicly revealed that DeBrusk had been late to a team meeting and that was the reason for him being out of the lineup this evening.

This is obviously a case of Montgomery making a point of keeping every player on the team accountable regardless of their position in the lineup or how much money they make, an example that I suspect most fans will respect Montgomery for making.

Unfortunately that now leaves the Bruins at a disadvantage this evening, something that DeBrusk will now have to take accountability for given that he has been called out in such a public fashion by his head coach.