Jake DeBrusk reveals “depressing” thought of future with Bruins

The Bruins forward is in the final year of his current deal.



What exactly does the future hold for Boston Bruins forward Jake DeBrusk? 

He's currently playing in the final year of a two-year contract that he signed to remain with the Bruins despite having previously requested a trade out of town. And when pressed with a direct question regarding his future with the team, DeBrusk played it safe by saying that he holds optimism for things to work out, and that it would be "pretty depressing" if he didn't think that another extension was possible. 

“I always have optimism,” DeBrusk told reporters following Sunday’s practice at Warrior Ice Arena, per team-provided video. “I feel like it would be pretty depressing if I didn’t have optimism that I’d be here. But it’s one of those things that I hope it gets done.”

“I have an agent for a reason and I’ve obviously been with this organization for my whole career,” DeBrusk said. “I feel like I know where I stand with this lineup, I feel like I know where I am with the guys in this room and the city as well, the highs and lows. … You just go and just focus on the little things and I think everything should take care of itself.”

The Trade Deadline is just weeks away, and if an extension doesn't seem likely to Bruins GM Don Sweeney, there's always the possibility that the team could dangle his expiring deal as trade bait. However, DeBrusk maintains that he is hopeful to remain with the only NHL club he's suited up for. 

“I feel like it’s felt pretty real for me all year to be honest with you, ever since even the start of training camp,” DeBrusk said. “It’s one of those things where you want to get it done as fast as possible, but obviously we’re here now. When it comes I guess thoughts on that, I don’t really have any that’s fresh. It’s a month and a half until the trade deadline, and I hope it gets done quick.”

In 47 games this season, DeBrusk has scored 12 goals with 13 assists. 

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Source: NESN