Jake Muzzin crushes Torey Kurg and knocks him out of the game.

Muzzin destroys Krug with a huge hit.

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You just know that Jake Muzzin had been looking for this one for a while. 

The Toronto Maple Leafs are taking what can only be described as a beating from the Boston Bruins in Game 2 of their first round series in the 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs and if I am being perfectly honest there have been very few bright spots for the Toronto Maple Leafs through the first 35+ minutes of play in this one.Thankfully for the Leafs Muzzin was able to provide one of those very few moments and it might be one that could impact the series beyond this game as well.

The Bruins were dominating the Leafs on Saturday night and it was not just on the scoreboard either, the Bruins came out playing a very physical style and seemed to leave the Leafs on the back foot the entire night. One of those big physical plays came from an unexpected source when Boston Bruins star forward David Pastrnak leveled Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Jake Muzzin with a huge hit that had plenty of mustard on the back of it. Pastrnak came from a long way to deliver the hit and that momentum sent Muzzin hard into the boards, hard enough that Muzzin would smack his head against the inside of his helmet, cutting him open in the process. Muzzin's cut would leave a crimson trail streaming down his face as he headed to the Leafs bench, but he would remain in the game. 

It was much later in the contest that Muzzin would find his time to get his revenge on the Boston Bruins, and unfortunately for defenseman Torey Krug he was the victim of Muzzin's wrath. Muzzin absolutely destroyed Krug with a punishing body check along the boards and although play would continue Krug was never able to get back into it with his teammates. Although Krug would immediately jump back up following the hit it would not be long before his wobbly legs would betray him and send him crashing back down to the ice once again.

Krug would stay down on all fours for several long moments until the Bruins training staff came out, and even then he would head straight to the locker room after regaining his feet.