Jake Muzzin's wallet hits by NHL fine.

Don't do that Jake.

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Jake Muzzin has been fined 2,000$ by the NHL today for embellishing during March 4's game against Vancouver. Here's the sequence: 

Granted, embellishment is clearly attempted by Muzzin on the sequence. It's important the NHL continues to fine players for it, or else the league will become a soccer replica. 

However, fining a player earning 4M$ a year that little an amount won't change a thing. Not a single player, even the rookies with a lowly 525,000$ salary, will ever change his attitude because of a 2,000$ fine. In fact, the progressive scale of the fines is worthless when the 8th and last ladder tops at 5,000$. 

Anyhow, don't do that again Jake. You lost the equivalent of a good wine bottle there, that's gotta hurt!