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Jake Virtanen hits rock bottom in worst fashion!

The forward lands back in controversy!


The EHC Visp of the Swiss second division have had enough of forward Jake Virtanen. Last night, the French-language Swiss newspaper Le Matin reported that Virtanen was involved in an “altercation with a teammate on the bench near the end of a game”. This prompted EHC Visp to place Virtanen on the trade market, hoping to get rid of the forward as soon as possible.

Virtanen joined the club back in November after being dumped by the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers during pre-season. Virtanen, of course, had previously been with his hometown Vancouver Canucks before being bought out of his contract in 2021 amidst a sexual assault scandal.

Virtanen was found not guilty by a jury this past offseason and, again, attempted to resume his NHL career with the Oilers before being cut loose.

The contract he signed with EHC Visp was his chance to get back in the game and potentially showcase himself for a possible return to the NHL.

However, this incident and the fact that EHC Visp wants nothing to do with him anymore hints at rock bottom.

The teammate that got in an altercation with Virtanen basically gave the team an ultimatum, saying they needed to choose between the controversial forward and the rest of the club.

That’s why Virtanen is back as an available player, but probably one no one wants anymore. Unless he wants to give it a go in the KHL…

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Stay ahead of the game with our exclusive hockey news, analysis and insider info.
Stay ahead of the game with our exclusive hockey news, analysis and insider info.