Jake Virtanen sets off controversy after posting videos of himself in Vancouver nightclub

Can we really trust these guys to stay in their “bubble” for the entirety of the NHL’s return to play?

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Vancouver Canucks forward Jake Virtanen hasn’t exactly had himself a quiet quarantine these past few months. First off… he posted a seemingly harmless video to Instagram earlier this spring that was ultimately deleted.

Here’s the video re-posted by a fan online:

So… what’s the problem you may be asking?

Filming or operating a cell phone while driving a vehicle is against the law in the province of British Columbia. Oopsie…

The NHL initially tweeted the video but then quickly deleted it, presumably after someone realized the illegality of Virtanen’s actions. The fine for distracted driving in BC is $368 for a first offence and four driver’s penalty points.

Then just last night Virtanen shared a video online of him and some friends enjoying themselves at Vancouver nightclub Celebrities.

While we can't embed the video here, you can check it out by clicking:

Again… what’s the big deal you might be asking? 

Well… opinions on whether or not this is appropriate given all the precautions the NHL is taking in its Return to Play plan. I’m not here to judge, but suffice it to say that reaction to Virtanen’s evening festivities are decidedly mixed online.

Check out some of these replies:

And finally... the real thing that gets me: