Jake Walman announces amazing charitable endeavor

Walman continues to excel in Detroit!



Not only did Detroit Red Wings defenseman Jake Walman bury the game-winning goal Saturday afternoon against the Vancouver Canucks, but he became the first player in Red Wings history to net a penalty shot in overtime. And naturally, Walman had to break out what has become his signature celebration, the dance move known as the "Griddy". 

Saturday afternoon also marked the first time that Walman did the move on home ice. And to build on that, Walman announced that he's going to be patterning with the Boys and Girls Club of Southeast Michigan as a way of giving back to the community. 

“I haven’t done it at home,” Walman said. “It’s cool. In the next month I’m rolling out some initiative with that logo and the Griddy. It’ll benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs in Detroit. All the proceeds are going to go to that.

“Anytime I can kind of show the fans what they want, I’m going to do that. It was fun. It’ll be for a good cause.”

For Walman, it was his second overtime winner of the season, having previously scored at Bell Centre against the Montreal Canadiens in December.

“Overtime is kind of capitalizing on chances and breakdowns,” Walman said. “We’re kind of learning from our other overtimes. I think it’s important to kind of take those 50-50 chances. Ray won a battle and made a great pass up the ice and I kind of sealed it. It was a great look. The more we get in those situations, the more comfortable we’ll feel.”

Hats off to Jake Walman for using his signature celebration as a way to give back to the community! 

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Source: MLive