Jakob Chychrun tries to switch teams during intermission.

Jakob Chychrun tries to switch teams during intermission.

The Ottawa Senators defenseman had seen enough and was looking to switch sides on Friday night.

Jonathan Larivee

The Ottawa Senators defenseman had seen enough.

On Friday night, Senators defenseman Jakob Chychrun was spotted leaving the ice during intermission and heading off with the opposing team. In a scene that seemed truly bizarre to fans on social media, Chychrun left the ice surrounded by members of the Dallas Stars as they headed into their locker room at the American Airlines Arena, rather than leaving the ice with the rest of his Senators teammates.

This prompted many comments on social media that suggested Chychrun was either trying to get traded or simply get away from the Senators, who appear destined to miss the playoffs yet again this season. You can hardly blame fans for reaching such hasty conclusions either given just how bizarre the video of the incident looked when viewing it live.

In reality though there may be a much more reasonable explanation for why all of this transpired.

You'll notice that, not only does Chychrun not notice he is leaving the ice with the Stars, but also that not a single member of the Stars reacts to his presence. Given that added context it seems like there was nothing out of the ordinary going on as far as the players were concerned.

Although we haven't been given an official explanation, it could very well be that the exit from the Stars bench was simply closer to the arenas medical facilities than the exit from the Senators bench. Chychrun suffered a cut to the cheek during the course of the game and may have simply been choosing the quickest path to the arena's medical room, a far more likely scenario than an NHL player trying to force a trade in the middle of a game.