Jakob Pelletier gets his revenge on Darryl Sutter.

Jakob Pelletier gets his revenge on Darryl Sutter.

Jakob Pelletier was humiliated by Darryl Sutter last season but on Monday he got his chance at revenge.

Jonathan Larivee

Calgary Flames rookie forward Jakob Pelletier had to wait a little while to get his revenge, but boy did he ever get it.

The 22 year old forward was infamously humiliated last season in rather cruel fashion when his own head coach, former Calgary Flames head coach Darryl Sutter, behaved as though he had never heard of the young forward following his first ever NHL game. It was an incident that drew the ire of many hockey fans, both within Calgary as well as beyond, and it made the number "49" something of a meme following the incident.

Pelletier has a new number this season however, making the switch to the number 22, and on Monday he was able to get a measure of revenge on his former coach when he was asked about that change. Pelletier didn't even so much as mention Sutter by name, but everyone understood very clearly that he was taking a shot as his former coach when he responded to the question.

"I think it's easier for the coaches to kind of know the 22 to the 49," said Pelletier in reference to the incident from all the way back in January.

To his credit Pelletier played it off like a joke but you have to believe there was still some genuine animosity there for him to bring it up all these months after the fact.

"It’s a joke. Just kidding, just kidding," added the young Flames forward.

You would be hard pressed to argue that Sutter didn't have it coming after the spectacle he made of pretending to not know who Pelletier was back in January, and so far fans seem to be loving the response from Pelletier on Monday.