James Reimer speaks out, gives first interview since last week's controversy
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James Reimer speaks out, gives first interview since last week's controversy

The Sharks' goaltender both clears the air and then doubles down.



In case you've been living under a rock for an entire week, let me catch you up on San Jose Sharks goaltender James Reimer.

Reimer made the decision last week to opt out of his team's Pride Night celebrations, citing his Mennonite faith as his reasoning. It was a bit of a surprising development, but wasn't entirely unexpected given a similar protest from Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Ivan Provorov last week. Provorov, like Reimer, also cited his Christian faith as his reasoning.

Now, Reimer is speaking out about his decision and is somewhat doubling down on things. Here's the back and forth interview he had with Sharks reporter Sheng Peng earlier today:

Peng: What has the last week been like?

Reimer: I'm not on social media or anything like that. I don't really pay attention to different reports or whatnot, whatever went out there. Obviously I have a lot of friends and family and close people in the community in my faith have reached out.

Peng: Have you talked to any of the guys who have done it since, like the Staal brothers, or have they reached out?

Reimer: We talked a little bit the morning of their game. We just texted back and forth a little bit. We've had some texts before that as well. There have been some other players in the league as well. There's been good communication.

Peng: One group in the LGBTQIA+ community that has been targeted the most is trans people. What are your thoughts on trans people?

Reimer: I think I would just refer back to my statement on that one. My beliefs in Christ, what I think the Bible says on that stuff. But people, regardless of their orientation or their activity or whatnot, they have value and worth, I would do my best to love them, the best way I know how. I don't think there's a limit per se. And it might be, I don't know if it's hard for people to understand or whatnot. But what I said, especially the last statement, everyone has value and worth. I'll tell you, I wish people knew that wasn't just a line I said I have heart for people. It doesn't matter what you've done in the past, what you do, and whatnot. I don't want to keep referring to my statement over and over again, right? But obviously, I have my beliefs and things that I can't personally endorse. But man, you love the person, you try to do whatever you can to get to now them or whatnot. That's what I have to say, I guess..."

One thing I can definitely say about James Reimer after reading all that is that he's a big fan of the word 'whatnot'... he's not very tolerant of gay people, but he sure loves the word 'whatnot'.

Source: Sheng Peng