Jamie Benn in serious hot water after being brutally exposed on social media

The NHL will have to look into this.


On Tuesday afternoon, Dallas Stars captain Jamie Benn started trending on social media, and unfortunately for him, it was all for the wrong reasons. 

After the NHL and its Players Association proudly presented Benn as a supported of the LGBTQ community by using Pride Tape on his stick, fans started to expose him as transphobic, revealing how he supported a blatantly anti-trans post on Instagram. 

His confirmed account on Instagram is supporting a rant on transgender people and Benn liked the anti-trans post. This is a direct contradiction to the messaging of Pride Tape/NHL and fans and reported are noticing. 

They are now exposing Benn, as he keeps trending on Twitter and other platforms, and we bet the NHL will have to intervene. 

This is what’s going on for now. No comments have been made by the Stars, Benn or the NHL. 

Some comments, once by Matt Larkin of The Hockey News, are catching attention and trending as well: 


We all know that the NHL prides itself with its program : Hockey is for everyone. The league came out with colors in the Pride Tape rainbow, which represent inclusion and support of LGBTQ players on the ice, in the locker room, behind the bench, and in the stands. This year, more than 100 NHL players will wrap their sticks with Pride Tape to raise awareness for equality, respect, and inclusion.