Jamie Benn offers stunning tone-deaf excuse for cross check

Come on, Jamie.



Does Dallas Stars captain Jamie Benn actually realize how he's coming across here? 

By now, you've seen the footage of his toppling Vegas Golden Knights captain Mark Stone during last night's Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals, which in of itself wasn't that egregious of an action. However, Benn decided to cross-check Stone while he was in a defenseless position on the ice, and appropriately earned himself a five-minute major penalty and game misconduct. He'll be having a hearing with the NHL Department of Player Safety, who will determine his status for tomorrow's Game 4.

So, what does Benn have to say for himself? He offered the following completely tone-deaf excuse for his unacceptable actions against Stone: 

"The game happens fast, emotions are high," he said. "It was an unfortunate play."

"Obviously I didn't want to take a 5 minute penalty, but the game happens fast and emotions are high. Obviously I would have liked to not fall on him and I guess use my stick as a landing point.”

When asked if he's spoken with Stone about the incident, Benn had this to say: 

"You usually don't talk to other players in a playoff series on other teams, but I saw that (Mark Stone) was ok, so that was great."

This isn't a good look from a team captain whatsoever.

Source: Twitter