Jamie Benn pushes ref out of the way to fight Smith!

“Get away from me zebras!”

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The Dallas Stars lost the fight 4-2 at the hands of the New York Rangers on Tuesday night, however, captain Jamie Benn did everything he could to win his against Brendan Smith.

In the second period, with his team down 3-0, Benn fought Smith after an offensive zone draw. As linesmen tried to break up the fight, Benn waved them away. There was no way he was giving up the chance to get his club motivated and back into the game, even if it meant pissing off the referees. 

This was Benn’s second fight of the season, and he explained how he was trying to spark his team after the loss. 

“It starts with your on-ice play,” Benn said postgame to reporters. “You’ve got to look at yourself in the mirror at times like this and see what you can do for yourself to help the team win.”

And as you saw, Benn was not going to let the officials ruin that for him…