Jared Bednar confirms the bad news for Mikko Rantanen.

Jared Bednar confirms the bad news for Mikko Rantanen.

Rantanen was injured after taking two big hits from Edmonton Oilers defenseman Mattias Ekholm.

Jonathan Larivee

The Colorado Avalanche have confirmed some bad news.

Over the weekend, Avalanche star forward Mikko Rantanen was injured during the course of a game between the Avs and the Edmonton Oilers. During that game, Oilers defenseman Mattias Ekholm would injure Rantanen with a pair of punishing hits, the second of which would knock Rantanen out of the game entirely.

I have been awaiting an official update from the Avalanche on the status of the injured forward and that update came on Sunday, with Avalanche head coach Jared Bednar confirming what many had feared. Bednar confirmed that Rantanen suffered a concussion as a result of the play and was currently going through the National Hockey League's concussion protocol.

There is a silver lining here with Bednar describing the Rantanen situation as "day to day," which is very good news with the playoffs only days away. That being said concussions can be a tricky issue, so there's no telling when the Avalanche might see Rantanen return to the lineup.

Bednar did confirm that Rantanen is working out and skating on his own, which would appear to be a good sign.