Jarome Iginla makes a huge statement about his NHL future.

Iginla leaves very little doubt about his plans.

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Earlier this week veteran forward Jarome Iginla hinted that he was leaning towards a comeback next season, but his most recent statement leaves very little room for doubt.

Speaking to Los Angeles Kings insider Jon Rosen, Iginla made a statement that made it rather clear that he wants to comeback for another season, but according to Rosen it will depend on the type of offers he receives from teams in the National Hockey League.

"It's not 100%, but I definitely would like to."

Also noteworthy was a question tossed out by Helene Elliott regarding a possible return to L.A. While Iginla did admit that he would contemplate a return, he hinted at the fact that it may not be in the cards for the Kings organization.