Jaromir Jagr admits he may have one regret with the Penguins.
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Jaromir Jagr admits he may have one regret with the Penguins.

On the day that his jersey is set to be retired, Jaromir Jagr admits he may have made a mistake.

Jonathan Larivee

Jaromir Jagr has had an incredible career in the sport of hockey and is rightfully considered a legendary player in the history of the National Hockey League, but even legends can have regrets.

On Sunday, just hours before his jersey is set to be retired by the Pittsburgh Penguins organization, Jagr made a surprising confession when discussing one of the most controversial decisions of his NHL career.

Jagr revealed that, in 2011, he may have been motivated by selfish interests when he made the decision to reject an offer from the Penguins. Jagr would instead join the ranks of the Philadelphia Flyers, the Penguins most bitter rival, but Jagr felt he needed to prove to himself that he could still deliver at a high level without the young stars of the Penguins by his side.

"I was thinking about myself and wanted to show what I could still do," admitted Jagr as per Josh Yohe. "Sid had his line. Geno had his. But maybe it was a mistake."

Whether it was a mistake or not we will never know, but there are no doubt thousands of Penguins fans who wish they had been given the opportunity to see Jagr skate alongside the next generation of Penguins for a few years.

That drive to be the best is what made Jagr the legendary player that he is today, but that competitive edge can cut both ways. Jagr admits that, as he has grown older, his goals have shifted and he is now more focused on being a good man than a good hockey player.

"God is going to ask you what you’ve done with your life," said Jagr. "I’m trying to be a good person."