Jaromir Jagr has changed his mind about playing until he's 50.

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National Hockey League living legend Jaromir Jagr has been assaulting the NHL record books over his past few seasons as he extends his career well past the age many believed was possible, and it doesn't sound like he's going to be slowing down anytime soon.

After having previously stated his intention to play until he's 50 on multiple occasions on Tuesday Jagr announced a new goal, seemingly having previously underestimated is longevity in the NHL.

"Fifty-five," said Jagr to NJ.com's Randy Miller. "I just changed it. Because I feel so good, I'll go 55."

After a slow start to the season Jagr has once again turned up the heat registering 9 points in 9 games on a team that has struggled very badly to produce offensively. His 25 points in 42 games are good enough for  second on the team, and with him doing this at the already advanced age of 44, no one is prepared to doubt his ability to continue prolonging his career.

"I feel good," Jagr said. "No problems."

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