Jaromir Jagr has made a small fortune in the NHL!

Jagr's lifetime contract earnings revealed.

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If you've ever wondered who the highest earning National Hockey League player ever is, or was, we may have the answer for you.

It was announced this week that NHL legend Jaromir Jagr and the Florida Panthers had agreed on a new one year deal that would pay Jagr up to $5 million dollars next season with incentives, and it had many asking just how much has Jagr earned during an extremely lengthy career in the league?

Well NHL contract tracking site claims to have the answer, and according to them, with a little help from CapGeek, the total lifetime earnings of Jaromir Jagr are $136.25 million dollars.

That is a staggering sum of money, and furthermore that is only his NHL contract value, this does not include deals he signed when playing outside the league, it also doesn't include any money earned from marketing, or endorsements.