Jagr is an even bigger legend after this hilarious translation from Instagram post is revealed!

Is she a stripper, Jaro?


Jaromir Jagr does not care what you think. He doesn’t care about what anyone thinks. 

That’s why on his 49th birthday - yeah the legendary hockey player is almost fifty - he made this confusing yet funny post on his Instagram account to commemorate the special day.

While he wrote the post in Czech, fans were immediately intrigued by the beautiful woman standing next to him. As many wanted to know what he said about her and maybe who she was, they used Google Translate to find out. 

And Jagr does not care. This is what he wrote in Czech (so already many people got this), translated to English: 

“Thank you for your wishes, thank you for the small parties and thank you for the surprises. She is not a stripper as everyone expected, but she is a quantum physicist Professor Jan Rak. And instead of the beauty of women's breasts, we talked about the beauty of the universe.”

This is just perfect from Jagr. Telling it like it is. 

And when you’ve accomplished as much as he has, why wouldn’t you? 

In a total of 1733 contests in the National Hockey League, Jagr recorded 766 goals and 1921 points, winning consecutive Stanley Cups with the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1991 and 1992. 

The guy can do whatever the hell he wants on his birthday!