Jaromir Jagr just found out how GIFs work and is having way too much fun with it!



Jaromir Jagr is days away from tuning 49 years old and the man can (still) do it all. 

Last week, the ageless wonder managed to his first goal of the season with Rytiri Kladno, thanks to the help of another NHLer in the former of Tomas Plekanec. Both Jagr and Plekanec, a long time member of the Montreal Canadiens, have left their NHL days behind them, but it’s nice to see these older veterans still showing off their skills and inspiring another generation of young players to fall in love with the sport of hockey.


It seems like Jagr was still feeling very goof about the goal and wanted to prove he can do it all as he learned on Tuesday how to use GIFs and animation in an Instagram story and use tons of it. 

This is so funny : we love it! The man is legendary everything. Head to his page to take a peek at his Instagram story.

And most importantly: enjoy and hope for more!