Jaromir Jagr returns for at least 1 more game!
Jaromir Jagr  

Jaromir Jagr returns for at least 1 more game!

The legendary Jaromir Jagr will be lacing up his skates once again at 51 years of age.

Jonathan Larivee

I think it may be time to stop wondering when National Hockey League legend Jaromir Jagr is finally going to retire from professional play, because I'm starting to doubt that it will ever happen.

Last season, Jagr defied all odds when he announced that he would be returning to professional play for another year with his team, the Kladno Knights, and he would go on to appear in 26 games in which he had 5 goals and 9 assists for a total of 14 points. That season was played at age 50 and many wondered if he would be able to do so again, and of course Jagr will once again be leaving all of his doubters speechless.

On Saturday, the living legend announced that he would be suiting up for the Kladno Knights once again in their home opener on Sunday. This means that, at least for one more game, Jagr plans to extend his professional career and will be doing so at the remarkable age of 51.

It's hard to imagine any player playing this long, even one as talented as Jagr, in a sport as grueling as the sport of hockey but Jagr continues to defy the odds. Jagr, who began his professional career with Kladno during the 1988-89 season, will likely be blowing us away again next year when he once again makes a similar announcement... at least I hope that's the case.