Jaromir Jagr scores incredible goal to get his team back in top league back home!

Vintage Jagr right here! Beauty!

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He may be 47 years old, but Jaromir Jagr remains a tremendously talented hockey legend. 

The veteran player returned to the Kladno Knights, the hometown club he owns in the Czech Republic, in February, looking to score some goals, and help his team closer to returning to Czech Top League. He was back after recovering from a series of injuries that prevented him from playing for more than a year. 

And, oh, now, is he back more than ever. 

The famous striker crossed the ice to score an incredible goal on Friday as his team is balling in the second division.

It was Jagr’s second goal of the contest, as he played alongside Tomas Plekanec. 

The play is just Classic Vintage Jagr. And we can’t get enough of it. 

Jagr returned home after the Calgary Flames released the NHL’s second all-time leading point-scorer on Jan. 28, 2018, but he was injured in his fifth game for Kladno.

Hockey needed this guy back and it’s so good to see him score such a beauty!