Jason Zucker gets sweet revenge on Jordan Binnington.

Jason Zucker gets sweet revenge on Jordan Binnington.

Zucker gets the best possible revenge.

Jonathan Larivee

St. Louis Blues goaltender Jordan Binning attempted to introduce a physical element into Saturday night's game against the Pittsburgh Penguins, but it may very well be the Penguins who get the last laugh.

Binnington would come out and have a pretty poor first period against the Penguins, giving up 3 goals, and in the closing seconds of that period he would take his anger out on Penguins forward Jason Zucker. Binnington would hit Zucker in the face as he skated around the back of the Blues net, causing Zucker to lose his balance and crash awkwardly into the net.

Zucker though wouldn't have to wait long to get his revenge on the veteran Blues goaltender, and it may very well have been the sweetest revenge possible. Not only would Zucker score on Binnington less than 2 minutes into the second period, but that goal would result in Blues head coach Craig Berube making the call to yank Binnington from the net.

Zucker's reaction to Binnington talking trash as he skated off the ice was priceless.