Jay Woodcroft isn’t even worried about his job!

Jay Woodcroft isn’t even worried about his job!



After falling to the worst team in the NHL with the San Jose Sharks getting a 3-2 win on Thursday night, the Edmonton Oilers seem lost at where to go from here. The team has already make a significant move in sending down goalie Jack Campbell to the AHL, and head coach Jay Woodcroft was convinced it would motivate his troop going into the match against the Sharks, didn’t materialize.

Many fans and pundits have demanded that Woodcroft be fired for the Oilers’ terrible performances this season, however, when asked about his job security, the head coach claims he is not worried about it.

“No, I worry about taking care of my daily business and my daily process, and making sure that I give my players something to focus on and concentrate on,” Woodcroft said. “No one’s happy with where we’re at. We all own it.

“We can [be] better, and that’s where my focus is.”

Woodcroft is in his second full season as head coach of the Oilers, having taken over from Dave Tippett in February of 2022 to lead the Oilers into the postseason with a 26-9-3 record down the stretch. While he could be the one to be sent home and paid for the Oilers’ woes, many are saying that if Woodcroft is out the door, so should general manager Ken Holland…

I am not sure how many more losses Edmonton can take without serious consequences on the team or the coaching staff.

This was the Oilers’ fourth consecutive loss, but also the Sharks’ second straight win. San Jose went 11 games winless to start the season, but now the two teams are tied at the bottom of the NHL standings with five points each.

Edmonton will play the third and final contest of their current three-game road trip on Saturday against the Seattle Kraken.

Will it be Woodcroft’s last game behind the Oilers’ bench?

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