Jay Woodcroft sounds off the NHL's controversial goal call.

Jay Woodcroft sounds off the NHL's controversial goal call.

The head coach of the Edmonton Oilers shares his thoughts on last night's controversy.

Jonathan Larivee

The Stanley Cup playoffs were marred by controversy on Friday night, and although the final decision has already been made and there will be no changing the past now, we probably aren't done hearing about this particular call for a while.

On Friday night, the Edmonton Oilers and Los Angeles Kings clashed in Game 3 of their first round Stanley Cup playoff series and the game would end in controversy after an overtime goal courtesy of the Kings' Trevor Moore. There was no doubt that Moore scored the goal, but several slow motion and close up replays appear to indicate that a stoppage in play had been warranted prior to him scoring the goal.

The end result though was the NHL ruling this a good goal, something the Oilers obviously do not agree with. Following the conclusion of the game, Oilers head coach Jay Woodcroft was asked to share his thoughts on the controversy and he made it pretty clear how he felt. Although not one to ever stir the pot, Woodcroft made it clear that he felt the league had made the wrong call.

"It's a play where the greatest player in the world is two feet away," said Woodcroft. "His arm comes straight up in the air because he knows it hit the stick, otherwise he wouldn't put his arm up in the air... he would keep playing."

Woodcroft also pointed to the slow motion replays that appear to indicate that there was indeed a high stick that should have stopped the play.

"It appears to me in the video that the puck is going straight up in a trajectory and deadens, in the end I'm going to go with the greatest player in the world who was three feet away," concluded Woodcroft

The player being referenced here is of course Edmonton Oilers captain Connor McDavid and judging by Woodcroft's comments it would stand to reason that McDavid himself, and likely the rest of the Oilers lock room. isn't too happy about this call either.