Jeff Blashill adds some excellent perspective to the NHL shutdown

Sometimes you have to look at things from a different angle

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Sometimes, a little perspective is all you need to make a crappy situation feel a bit better. Detroit Red Wings coach Jeff Blashill has managed to do just that.

In an interview with 97.1 The Ticket in Detroit, Blashill stated that while the current situation is one that no player or coach wants to see, just getting to be in the NHL is a blessing that everyone should cherish.

"The one thing I’d say, and this is something we’ve talked about as the year unfolded and we were clearly eliminated early, every single day you get to play, you get to coach in the NHL, is a great day. I just think if anything, this is a reminder of how quickly life can change and to make sure that you make the most out of every single day.”

"To me, it’s a good reminder and perspective for my own life, but it’s a good reminder for all of us in the NHL how special it is to be part of the NHL. I think sometimes you need perspective, and that’s the perspective I’ve certainly gained from this. If we get a chance to resume our season, let’s go out and make the most of every day."

Blashill said he’s keeping busy at home as best he can.

"Right now, for us, our kids are at home, spending a little more time with them. That part of it is a benefit that we don’t normally get at this time of year," he said. "But obviously we’d all rather have normal activity going on. ...

"For me, I actually have done some work stuff. There’s a few projects that I’ve wanted to do during the season that you don’t get a chance to do. I’ve been able to do some of that stuff. Wake up, do some hockey stuff for a while, do some stuff around the house and then do some stuff with the kids. That’s kind of how it’s been divided."