Jenner gets busted open and loses a few teeth in the process.

Poor guy.

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This was truly a case of the broadcasters curse.

The Columbus Blue Jackets were taking on one of the NHL's top teams on Monday night in the form of the Washington Capitals, but it looked for a second like they might have to do wit without their leading goal scorer. That's because just as the broadcaster was signing the praises of Blue Jackets forward Boone Jenner, he took a hard shot right in the mouth that knocked him out of the game.

In a true demonstration of his fortitude however Jenner would return to the game, with a new cage on his face, and according to the Blue Jackets official website, with a few less teeth, and a few new stitches as well:

Making them even worse? A puck to the mouth hurts (a lot, and this is coming from someone who tweets for a living), and it resulted in the loss of a few teeth and about 20 stitches, according to Blue Jackets assistant coach Brad Larsen.

A rough outing in what is effectively a meaningless game for the Blue Jackets.