Jeremy Jacobs announces lay offs and salary reductions for over 2,000 workers

Absolutely disgraceful. The Bruins owner is worth nearly $4 billion.

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It’s official, Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs is literally Montgomery Burns from The Simpsons.

In a prepared statement Jacobs’ parent company Delaware North announced temporary layoffs  and salary reductions for over two-thirds of the company’s 3,100 employees. That’s over 2,000 affected workers… during the worst economic crisis of our time.

In typical Jacobs fashion, the news was announced with some… interesting language. I mean… just read this statement taken from Delaware North’s press release:

Because of the sheer size of the company’s workforce and the uncertainty over when the crisis will subside, Delaware North CEOs Jerry Jacobs Jr., Lou Jacobs and Charlie Jacobs have made the agonizing but unavoidable decision to place more than two-thirds of the company’s 3,100 full-time employees on temporary leave.
“Agonizing but unavoidable?” Give me a break… the Jacobs family are worth nearly $4 billion. They can afford to keep every single employee paid and not even their great, great, great, great, great grandchildren would notice the loss of their money. 


Here’s the official announcement from Delaware North:

Better stretch that one week’s severance pay.