Jeremy Roenick reveals a completely insane story from his NHL rookie season.
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Jeremy Roenick reveals a completely insane story from his NHL rookie season.

Jeremy Roenick describes an absolutely insane situation involving law enforcement in Canada from his NHL rookie season.

Jonathan Larivee

Former National Hockey League player turned NHL analyst Jeremy Roenick has gotten himself into some hot water as of late for comments he has made publicly, and while you may have expected him to learn from those mistakes he may have just done so once again.

In a recent clip for the Clearing the Crease podcast, released by Bodog Canada, Roenick describes a completely insane story from his National Hockey League rookie season, one in which several people may have been hurt.

According to Roenick, he once t-boned a car after running a red light on his way to an airport in Canada, sending the car hurtling into the living room of a nearby home. While you would expect that this would have led to serious consequences for Roenick at the time, it sounds like he managed to escape scott-free.

"Trying to get to the airport I t-boned a car cause I ran a red light running to the airport," revealed Roenick on the podcast. "Absolutely t-boned the car and she went off the road into the living room of a house. The cops told me 'Just get out of here JR, you've got a game tomorrow get to the airport.' That's Canada for you, t-bone a car, never hear about it again."

It's hard to believe that Roenick could have caused so much damage and so much chaos and not have been reprimanded in any fashion for his actions, but that is how he tells it. Certainly the victims of this incident might feel aggrieved if they catch wind of Roenick's retelling, that is assuming of course that the story Roenick is telling here is true.