Jeremy Roenick unloads on Canadian airline over travel nightmare.
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Jeremy Roenick unloads on Canadian airline over travel nightmare.

Roenick is mad.

Jonathan Larivee

It seems as though a Canadian airline has rubbed several former National Hockey League players the wrong way, although that may be putting it far too mildly.

On Sunday, we got some on the ground reports regarding the situation at Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. Those reports came from none other than Jeremy Roenick, who was apparently traveling through Montreal when he encountered a complete travel nightmare.

Roenick took to social media after his travel experience to completely roast Air Canada, the largest airline in the country, but to his credit he seemed to feel a lot worse for the people around him than he did for himself. While Roenick described his nightmare in detail, his prevailing thought appeared to be for the people of Canada who, unlike him, have to deal with this stuff on a regular basis.

"In travel hell!!! Air Canada is the worst airline in this planet!! Bar none!! Iv never seen incompetence like this in airline service in my life," said a frustrated Roenick. "I feel sorry for all you awesome Canadian people that you have to fly this airline. God help you."

If you thought Roenick was done there though, you probably don't know him very well. Roenick has never been someone that is shy to share what is on his mind, sometimes to his own detriment, and this was no exception. Roenick would go on to call for executives at Air Canada to be fired for the gross incompetence that he was witnessing on the ground.

"Someone high up in Air Canada needs to get fired immediately," said Roenick. "What I just witnessed in Montreal airport is a disgrace to aviation. I feel so badly for so many people w lost luggage, cancelled flights home and just absolute incompetence by an airline ! Shocked!"

Now you might be tempted to think that this was an isolated incident, but that does not appear to be the case. Not only did several fans respond to Roenick with examples of their own nightmare stories from Air Canada, just from this weekend alone by the way, but former NHLer Matthew Barnaby also shared his own problems with the Airline.

In Barnaby's case, it sounds like this has happened several times before.

"Air Canada strikes again," said Barnaby. "Flight cancelled bc of plane problems...They are on a legendary run that probably can't be beat"

If you're flying Air Canada anytime soon, you may want to prepare for the worst.