Jeremy Swayman expresses discontent with the Boston Bruins.
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Jeremy Swayman expresses discontent with the Boston Bruins.

Trouble in paradise for the Boston Bruins as Jeremy Swayman lets the mask slip on Saturday night.

Jonathan Larivee

Things are looking pretty good right now for the Boston Bruins.

In a season where many pundits expected the Bruins to take a big step back in terms of their performance on the ice, they appear as though they have not lost a step. The Bruins currently sit atop of the National Hockey League's Metropolitan Division and things seem to be going their way... but there may be a little trouble behind the scenes.

On Saturday night, after the Bruins picked up a win over the St. Louis Blues, Bruins goaltender Jeremy Swayman let the mask slip briefly when he, entirely unprompted, brought up his arbitration case when he was asked about the NHL All-Star Game. Although he did not go into specific details, Swayman made it very clear that the process of arbitration had not left him feeling very good.

"After dealing with what I did this summer with arbitration, hearing things that a player should never hear, it feels pretty special to be in this situation," said Swayman.

The arbitration process can be an ugly one when it comes to the relationship between a player and a team and we have seen relationships irreparably damaged by the process in the past. Whether or not that will be the case with Swayman remains to be seen.

One thing seems certain however, given his obvious unhappiness at how the process played out, it seems very unlikely that Jeremy Swayman will be doing the Bruins any favors when it comes to future contract negotiations.