Jesse Puljujarvi agrees to professional tryout offer.
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Jesse Puljujarvi agrees to professional tryout offer.

The former first round draft pick is back in the NHL on a professional tryout offer.

Jonathan Larivee

Former Edmonton Oilers first round pick Jesse Puljujarvi has found a new home... at least for now.

On Sunday, the Pittsburgh Penguins officially announced that they had come to terms with Puljujarvi on a professional tryout offer, bringing in the free agent forward likely in the hopes of signing him to their main roster.

Puljujarvi, a former 4th overall pick from the Edmonton Oilers at the 2016 National Hockey League Entry Draft went unsigned this summer after his contract was allowed to expire by the Carolina Hurricanes. Puljujarvi was traded to the Hurricanes by the Oilers and he would only spend 17 regular season games with the Hurricanes and play in another 7 playoff games with that franchise.

The majority of Puljujarvi's 334 game NHL career has been spent with the Edmonton Oilers where Puljujarvi failed to develop into the player that Oilers management predicted he would be when they selected him in 2016. It would seem that most NHL teams felt the same way given that Puljujarvi did not receive a contract as a free agent this summer but, with the Penguins hovering near the bottom of the Metropolitan Division, Penguins general manager Kyle Dubas is likely looking for answers anywhere he can find them at this point in the season.

To be clear Puljujarvi has not as of yet officially signed with the Penguins, although that seems like the most likely outcome of this professional tryout offer.