Jesse Puljujarvi trends for laughable reason in Penguins debut!

Jesse Puljujarvi trends for laughable reason in Penguins debut!

He is so back.



Former Edmonton Oilers first round pick Jesse Puljujarvi made his Penguins debut on Tuesday night after signing a deal of two years that carries a cap hit of $800,000 in Pittsburgh earlier this week.

Before signing this contract, Puljujarvi played in the AHL for Wilkes-Barre as he came back from hip surgery recovery, which made his future in the NHL questionable.

But on Tuesday night, he logged 9:41 of ice time on 13 shifts and had two shots on three attempts, and ended with a +1 rating. He was even given the team’s game helmet in the Penguins’ 3-0 shutout win over the Winnipeg Jets.

That’s however not why Puljujarvi was trending after the game on social media. Many fans started posting images and footage of the Finnish forward during the game in which we can see him once again lick the insides of his nostrils while skating or sitting on the bench.

This is an odd thing Puljujarvi does when playing, though I’m not sure any reporter has ever asked about it. But fans have noticed for years, and on Tuesday night, it was clear that Puljujarvi was official back in the league, along with his big tongue and the insides of his nose.

This is what you can find on X, formerly known as Twitter, and you have to admit it’s pretty ridiculous… :

The Penguins are hoping that the addition of Puljujarvi will boost the team’s secondary layer of scoring, especially as Pittsburgh fights to clinch a playoff spot in a tight race in the Eastern conference. Last season, Puljujarvi recorded five goals and 11 assists in 75 games last season split between Edmonton and the Carolina Hurricanes.

Let’s hope he does better for the Penguins, and if that means he needs to be trending for licking his nose, then so be it.

Play hard in the corners, Jesse, of the ice and of your nose!

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