Jets captain Blake Wheeler buys groceries for a mother down on her luck

Love this story! Atta' boy, Wheels!


You know, the hockey world can be a bit of a toxic place. Especially online...

Log on to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram these days for some escape from reality and... well good luck. You can't even scroll a hockey page without getting riled up by politically charged comments and opinions.

But every once in a while we as hockey fans gets reminder of all the good that's in this sport. At the end of the day most NHL players are wholesome, hardworking down to Earth guys who just want to play the game they love and maybe do a bit of good for their community. Such is the case with Winnipeg Jets captain Blake Wheeler. You'll never see Wheeler in the tabloid section and you'll never see him on Twitter spouting his political opinions. He's just a regular dude who plays hockey and plays it the right way. Which is why it's not surprising to see this incredible bit of self-sacrifice from the Jets captain:

This poor woman was probably at her wit's end with a cart full of groceries and a young son, so what does Wheeler do? He pays her bill and doesn't say a word. If it weren't for this social media post nobody would even know that he'd done a good deed. And you know what? That's probably the way he prefers it. Again, Wheeler isn't a flashy guy looking for praise, he's just a regular dude out there doing the right thing. Kudos, Wheels.