Jets headed for split with first round pick Rutger McGroarty.
Ryan Remiorz/Canadian Press  

Jets headed for split with first round pick Rutger McGroarty.

NHL insider drops some bad news on the Winnipeg Jets regarding one of their top prospects.

Jonathan Larivee

Teams in the National Hockey League invest a ton of time and money each and every year into their scouting departments as they try and get an edge over the competitors when it comes to recruiting the best young hockey talents across the globe. It is for that reason that first round draft choices are such a highly coveted commodity in the NHL and it is also for that reason that it stings so much when they don't work out.

It sounds like the Winnipeg Jets may be about to feel some of that pain with a new report from NHL insider Elliotte Friedman indicating that the Jets may be headed for a split with one of their most recent top selections at the draft. Friedman revealed on his most recent podcast that Jets 2022 first round pick (14th overall) Rutger McGroarty may not be destined for the city of Winnipeg after all.

Friedman did not have a great many details to share, but was able to confirm that it sounds like a trade could be in McGroarty's future.

"His family advisor is not talking and the Jets are not talking, but the one thing I can tell you is that I have heard his name has come up in trade discussions," said Friedman on the 32 Thoughts Podcast.

It sounds like there has been traction on both sides of the equation here, with the Jets looking to move McGroarty and rival teams interested in his acquisition.

"The Jets have discussed trading and other teams have discussed acquiring McGroarty's rights," revealed Friedman.

Friedman was very cautious in his reporting on this matter, stating again that he didn't have any specific details about where McGroarty could end up going.

"I'm not going to guess on anything here, I'm just going to say that I have heard that his name has come up in trade conversations," said the insider.

This is a very unfortunate situation for the Winnipeg Jets and it sounds like other teams around the NHL may sense an opportunity here.

"He's a good player and he would be coveted," concluded Friedman.

McGroarty has previously announced that he will be returning to the University of Michigan come next season, and this may have played a role in the Jets looking to trade his rights away to another franchise.

McGroarty had 16 goals and 36 assists for a total of 52 points over 36 games for the University of Michigan this season.