Jets Perrault slams teammate Trouba over trade demand.

Members of the Jets aren't happy about this demand to be moved.

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One member of the Winnipeg Jets has come out and spoken against the trade demands of defenseman Jacob Trouba, but it's hard to consider his criticism legitimate.

The reason we question the legitimacy of the comments from Jets forward Matthew Perrault are simply due to the fact that he seems to be misunderstanding the conflict between player and team. Trouba's management made it clear that this is an issue about how he is used on the team, specifically the fact that Trouba feels his potential his limited on the left side, but Perrault seems to believe he just wants more ice time.

"This guy plays big minutes, 22 minutes, and he’s gonna complain some sort of way about his ice time?"

"How much more does he want?"

Trouba has drawn a ton of ire for his decision, including now from his current teammates, but this is an issue that has been brewing for a long time, and it's hard to blame the young man for wanting an opportunity to be the best player he can be, something he feels he will never receive as a member of the Winnipeg organization.

Perrault added that he believes if the Jets do well while Trouba sits out it will reflect poorly on him, and potentially damage his value, but if this is truly about opportunity for Trouba he's not likely to care.