Jets’ Rick Bowness tears into his own players after playoff elimination

He cut his press conference short, but it was loaded!



The Jets were ousted from the playoffs in Game 5 by the Vegas Golden Knights on Thursday, prompting head coach Rick Bowness to rip his own players apart in a press conference that lasted just one minute after Winnipeg’s 4-1 loss.

“I’m so disappointed and disgusted right now, that’s my thoughts,” Bowness said.

“No pushback. But it’s the same crap we saw in February. It was. As soon as we were challenging for first place and teams were coming after us, we had no pushback. This series we had no pushback. Their better players were so much better than ours, it’s not even close.”

Bowness did not use the excuse of missing star players like Josh Morrissey and Mark Scheifele due to injury.

Instead, he added insult.

“We’ve got to push back. There’s go to be a pushback, there’s got to be pride. You’ve got to be able to push back when things aren’t going your way,” Bowness said.

It is expected to be a busy summer ahead for the Jets and unfortunately for the players, it kicked off with a brutal assessment by their own head coach.

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