Jim Montgomery comments on Bruins’ error to play Patrice Bergeron in Game 82

Jim Montgomery comments on Bruins’ error to play Patrice Bergeron in Game 82

Rumours emerged on why Bergeron played in Montreal.



On Thursday night, it was mentioned by some pundits that the reason why Boston Bruins captain Patrice Bergeron played in a meaningless Game 82 against the Canadiens in Montreal was because the veteran forward wanted to play in front of his father, who has reportedly been diagnosed with cancer. No one from the Bruins have confirmed the reports, though Fluto Shinzawa hinted at the possible truth in the speculation in his latest The Athletic’s column:

“Perhaps Bergeron wanted to play to honor his commitment to the team. Maybe he wanted to make a possible final appearance in front of his family in Montreal. He probably felt a final tuneup would optimize him for Game 1.”

The truth is that Bergeron was on the ice for Game 82 and did not sit out once he got injured. Since, he has not played in the first round series against the Panthers and is likely to miss Games 3 and 4 in Florida since he did not travel with his teammates.

When asked about the Bruins’ error in playing the captain in Game 82, head coach Jim Montgomery sounded off to Shinzawa, but appears to have no regrets.

‘Even with the hindsight, we would do it exactly the same way’: Jim Montgomery has no Game 82 regrets.

"Life happens. Tweaked something in that last game," and even with hindsight, they'd go the same route again.

Montgomery also noted Bergeron is in good spirits mentally.

“He doesn’t get rattled by anything,” Montgomery said earlier this week. “He promotes positivity and cool, calm confidence that permeates through the group. We keep him involved. Like yesterday, we’re having him in the coaches’ room. ‘What are you seeing?’ He’s in the dressing room talking to the players about what he’s seeing. That gives the players confidence. He has a huge presence with us, even if he’s not on the ice.”

This might be why the Bruins’ error won’t sink them in this series, even if Bergeron is truly missed on the ice.
At least, he remains involved and could return to action in Game 5 back in Boston next week.