Jim Montgomery doubles down, calls out NHL and Sam Bennett.

Jim Montgomery doubles down, calls out NHL and Sam Bennett.

The head coach of the Boston Bruins did not back down from his comments about the NHL and Sam Bennett.

Jonathan Larivee

The Boston Bruins will play without their captain, Brad Marchand, in Game 4 of their second round series against the Florida Panthers due to a blow to the head that Marchand suffered at the hands of Florida Panthers forward Sam Bennett.

There has been much debate about the blow to the head itself, with some claiming it was a mere accident while others like Bruins head coach Jim Montgomery have suggested there was a deliberate intent on the part of Bennett to punch Marchand in the head. Montgomery initially made his comments following the conclusion of Game 3 but he was asked about those very same comments on Sunday, and the Bruins bench boss did not back down an inch.

"I don't think I classified it as dirty I just think it was outside the lines," clarified Montgomery. "I think it was someone that plays the game on the edge and he knew what he was doing."

Montgomery left no doubt that he felt Bennett had deliberately sucker punched Marchand.

"I don't know if you've seen the picture from behind but he clearly loaded up," added Montgomery.

I believe this is the angle that Montgomery is referring to:

Montgomery also took responsibility for the lack of response from the Bruins, effectively admitting that he felt winning Game 3 was more important than any potential revenge at that point in time.

"I feel that's my fault that we didn't retaliate to some degree," admitted Montgomery.

He also added that he believes this will serve as a catalyst his team in Game 4 tonight.

"It can be, it has been, and it should be tonight," said Montgomery when asked if the injury to Marchand will galvanize his players.

Should be a very intense Game 4 tonight, one you certainly won't want to miss.