Jim Montgomery loses his mind over officiating in Game 3.

Jim Montgomery loses his mind over officiating in Game 3.

The head coach of the Boston Bruins was in disbelief for most of Game 3 against the Florida Panthers.

Jonathan Larivee

If you woke up on Saturday morning and were to read the comments made by Boston Bruins head coach Jim Montgomery regarding the officiating in a tough loss to the Florida Panthers in Game 3 of the second round of the Stanley Cup playoffs, you might walk away thinking that Montgomery was perfectly fine with the way things went down.

Following the game Montgomery said all of the right things when he was asked about the performance of the officials on the ice.

"You know what, we weren’t very good for the first two periods. I can’t really say that we earned many power plays," said a very subdued Montgomery in his post game press conference.

That however was a drastic departure from the Montgomery we saw behind the bench of the Bruins throughout the course of the game, the man we saw during the game appeared to be losing his mind at the officiating that was on display in Game 3.

Throughout the game Montgomery made little effort to hide the fact that he was unhappy with several calls, from penalties to the locations of faceoffs on the ice. After one particularly egregious call regarding a faceoff location, Montgomery could be seen mouthing some colorful critiques at the officials.

"Watch the f***ing game," Montgomery appeared to yell from the bench.

The boiling point for Montgomery, and for most Bruins fans watching in the arena and at home, would come during an incident early in the third period.

Bruins rookie Jakub Lauko created a solid scoring chance for himself with his team in a pretty significant hole, but Lauko would be called for a penalty on the play for goaltender interference. Of course Lauko would only crash into Panthers goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky after being dragged down to the ice by Panthers' defenseman Aaron Ekblad who would first pull Lauko down by his pants, before dragging him down again by hooking his arm over Lauko's shoulder and pulling him down.

This would, somewhat unbelievably, result in a lost scoring chance for the Bruins as well as a 2 minute power play for the Florida Panthers, and that was simply too much for Montgomery who began to crack behind the Bruins bench.

Although Montgomery was laughing... a lot, there was no question that he was furious with the officials, who he called an embarrassment from the bench.

"F***ing embarrassing," Montgomery could be seen screaming from behind the bench. "That's embarrassing."

Bruins fans appeared to agree, as loud chants of "Ref you suck" filled TD Garden with some fans even showing their displeasure by throwing objects out onto the ice.