Jim Montgomery responds to news of Milan Lucic's arrest.

The head coach of the Boston Bruins spoke to the media on Saturday following the shocking news.

Jonathan Larrivee
Jonathan Larrivee
Published 15 days ago
Jim Montgomery responds to news of Milan Lucic's arrest.

Head coach Jim Montgomery faced the media on Saturday following the shocking arrest of veteran Bruins forward Milan Lucic following an alleged domestic incident that is believed to have taken place late Friday night/early Saturday morning.

Montgomery, as you would expect, expressed his concern over the alleged incident, reaffirmed that Lucic was no longer around the team, and expressed concern for the Lucic family as well.

“We’re aware of the Looch situation, and as an organization that’s something we take extremely seriously,"  said Montgomery on Saturday. "Looch is taking a leave of absence from the team right now.

"We support the Lucic family and we will continue to provide support and help for the Lucic family.”

As for how this will impact the team? Montgomery did not seem overly concerned although he did express that these were atypical circumstances for his team to find themselves in. At the end of the day however, Montgomery believes in the commitment, work ethic, and professionalism of his team with a game in front of them this evening.

"Our culture here is great and we care about each other, right?" said Montgomery. "With that, it’s not a normal day. But, we’re professionals and we have a game to play tonight. We have to get ready for that."

Stay tuned for more details on this disturbing and developing story.