Joe Bowen blasts Maple Leafs fans after Game 3 loss

Leafs fans are sure to have a reaction to this!

Michael W.

He's been known for his iconic catchphrase "Holy Mackinaw" for years now, but fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs aren't likely to look back with fondness after the latest comments from beloved longtime announcer Joe Bowen. 

Bowen, who has been calling Maple Leafs games since the early 1980s, appeared to take issue with what he felt was a lack of enthusiasm by the hometown faithful at Scotiabank Arena in downtown Toronto for tonight's Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Quarter Finals between the Leafs and their historic rival Boston Bruins.

According to Bowen, the Leafs fans in attendance didn't bring the energy that he was expecting over the course of what would prove to be a 4-2 Bruins win.

He wrote the following on his X (formerly known as Twitter) account shortly after the Bruins put the finishing touches on their Game 3 victory: 

"The idea of going
To any sporting event
To support the home team is to
Give the team energy when they need it Not sitting down waiting
To be REACTIVE. The players can’t say it but I will tonight’s crowd was VERY DISAPPOINTING"

Of course, home games in Toronto are known for being notoriously expensive, even for more fortunate fans. There have also been numerous callouts over the years for the atmosphere in Scotiabank Arena being far too "corporate" since die-hard fans are often priced out. 

In fact, a recent study revealed that it costs nearly $1K for a family of four to attend a Maple Leafs home game - and that's just for the price of tickets alone (in the regular season) and not counting the cost of parking, food and merchandise.

And it wasn't long before Bowen would begin encountering pushback for his comments, with many pointing toward the fact that just about everyone who can afford playoff tickets in Toronto have corporate connections. 

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Source: Twitter