Joe Sakic issues statement on Matt Duchene situation

Time to grab the popcorn...

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Colorado Avalanche forward Matt Duchene has yet to skate with his team this summer in Denver. Some are starting to speculate he might not report to camp if he's still a member of the Avs.

Avalanche GM Joe Sakic talked about the current situation with BSN Denver on Saturday during the “Rookie Showcase” tournament game between the Avalanche and Sharks. 

“He’s under contract and I expect him to be here on the 14th,” Sakic said. “He doesn’t have to be here ’til the 14th. Not everybody always come to camp early. It’s not for me to (say), but I assume on the 14th, he’ll be here.

Sakic was then asked about what would happen if Duchene doesn't show up.

"Well, I don’t have to worry about that right now,” Sakic said. “Training camp is Thursday. There’s nothing to think about right now. Training camp isn’t until the 14th and we expect everyone that’s signed to be there, like every other year.”

Duchene indicated to earlier this summer that he wanted a change of scenery, “Divorced is a strong word so I wouldn’t say that, but I think I’ve made it so that [any team association]is not part of my identity My identity will be with a team come training camp. I don’t know what team that is yet, but my identity right now needs to be strong in myself and belief in myself.”