Joe Thornton back on NHL ice!

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Published 7 months ago
Joe Thornton back on NHL ice!
Sharks / X

Veteran forward Joe Thornton hasn’t officially retired, but at 44 years old, it seems unlikely to see him back in the NHL. Or does it?

Social media went wild on Wednesday when the San Jose Sharks posted a video of Thornton skating with some of their players. Thornton was wearing a jersey, but the same gear worn by the coaching staff, which could hint at a new role within the organization.

Earlier this summer, Thornton was seen training young prospects for HC Davos in Switzerland during a development camp, prompting insiders to wonder if the veteran forward could have the potential to take on a new career on the ice.

Thornton last played in May 2022 with the Florida Panthers and spent most of last season in the front office of the Sharks where he could return for the 2023-24 campaign.

Thornton was selected first-overall by the Boston Bruins in the 1997 NHL Draft. San Jose traded for Thornton in Nov. 2005 and the love story between the player and the team keeps going it seems.

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Source: Sharks / X