Joe Veleno stomps on Nino Niederreiter with his skate.

Joe Veleno stomps on Nino Niederreiter with his skate.

A disgusting gesture from Detroit Red Wings forward Joe Veleno at the World Championship of Hockey this weekend.

Jonathan Larivee

You have to wonder what kind of consequences there will be stemming from this for Canada's Joe Veleno.

Over the weekend the Detroit Red Wings forward crossed well over the line of what is acceptable in the sport of hockey when he appeared to attempt to cause grievous injury to his opponent, National Hockey League veteran Nino Niederreiter. 

Niederreiter was representing his home country of Switzerland at the tournament and was facing Veleno and the Canadians when Veleno delivered a stomp to the leg of Niederreiter with the blade of his skate. Thankfully Niederreiter appeared to be unharmed on the play, but needless to say this is an incredibly dangerous and reckless act from Veleno and one that will likely lead to discipline from the International Ice Hockey Federation and perhaps more.

If anything I would argue that Veleno is extremely fortunate this didn't cause injury to Niederreiter as the consequences for him may have been catastrophic. Either way this is the kind of thing you just don't expect to see, and should never see, from a player in the NHL.