John Hynes pulls his goalie... in the middle of overtime!

John Hynes pulls his goalie... in the middle of overtime!

The head coach of the Minnesota Wild took a huge gamble on Sunday and it paid off big time.

Jonathan Larivee

The Minnesota Wild were in need of 2 big points on Sunday night, and head coach John Hynes was determined to do everything in his power to ensure that his team secured them.

The game was on the line in overtime when Hynes shocked just about everyone by pulling goaltender Marc-Andre Fleury out of the net in an effort to give his team a man advantage on the ice, offensively speaking. The plan worked to perfection with Fleury having been informed of the strategy ahead of the game, and with the Wild securing the win with a game winning goal in overtime.

It would be Matt Boldy who would put the game on ice for the Wild.

Following the game, Boldy did not appear to be aware of the fact that the Wild could potentially have cost themselves a point in the standings with this strategy.

Hynes will no doubt be showered with praise in the coming days for his gutsy decision, and rightfully so, and it seems even the players in his locker room appear to on board with the risky ploy.

Ryan Hartman was asked about the risky strategy.

"Love it," said the veteran forward.

John Hynes walked into his press conference while delivering a clear message.

"We’re here to win, right?" asked the Wild's head coach.

Hynes also explained his decision for going all in was motivated by the Wild's desperate need for a two point victory at this stage of the season.

"One point, no point, it’s not doing us any good," said Hynes. "Two points are what we need."