John Scott opens up about the last few months of his life.

An emotional look back from John Scott.

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For many fans of the National Hockey League the John Scott story, while being the feel good story of the season, is now in the past. It's hard to blame fans who haven't seen Scott play in the NHL since the All-Star game, he's been spending his time in the American Hockey League with the St. John's IceCaps.

For Scott however the story is still ongoing, and recently Scott spoke to The Canadian Press to share what it's been like for him over the past two months, and according to Scott it's been as emotional and as wonderful as the All-Star game was, in large part thanks to the fans who have reached out to him.

"It's almost like a movie," a smiling Scott said, reflecting back on the past two months. "Honestly, no one could ever script this would happen."

"I'm a super lucky guy with all that's happened."

Scott admitted that the support from fans has been overwhelming, and in a statement many would not expect from a player who has a reputation for being a goon, Scott said he at times has been overcome with emotion at some of the messages fans have sent him.

"I get letters from people, and it really touches you, and sometimes it chokes me up," Scott said. "It's like (they write): 'I watched you in the All-Star game and you were an inspiration, and I just want to thank you for turning my life around.'"

Scott is grateful for his recent success, and has absolutely no ego about it either, attributing all of it to just being lucky.

"You know what, even if the whole thing didn't go down the way it did, I'm not going to complain," Scott said. "I was super lucky before all this stuff. But after this, it's like, holy. I must have six or seven angels looking out for me. I'm so blessed."

In fairness to Scott, the way he handled the situation, and the fact he demonstrated he was a genuinely good person probably had a fair bit to do with it.