John Scott sends a warning to Matt Rempe.

John Scott sends a warning to Matt Rempe.

The former NHL enforcer had some words to share with the newest member of the Rangers.

Jonathan Larivee

New York Rangers enforcer Matt Rempe has been taking the National Hockey League by storm this season with a series of epic hockey fights that have made highlight reels around the world, but not everyone is one-hundred percent on board with how Rempe is going about his business.

Former National Hockey League enforcer John Scott recently shared his thoughts on Rempe's early impact as a rookie and, although he is a fan of Rempe's fearless style, Scott admitted that he has some concerns for the Rangers forward. Scott went on the record and stated that he has reached out to Rempe and offered him some advice, advice that many who have watched Rempe fight believe he needs.

"I've just been trying to give him a few tips on how to protect yourself a little bit and prolong your career," said Scott as per ESPN. "If he keeps doing what he's doing, he will have a short career. He'll get concussions and it'll just be hard for him to come back."

Although Rempe is no doubt getting tons of unsolicited advice, Scott may be one of the few people that Rempe should consider keeping his ears and mind open to. Scott is not only a former NHL enforcer, but was one that had an 8 year NHL career in spite of the fact that he was very limited as a player.

Rempe and the Rangers will face Ryan Reaves and the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday night, so we won't have to wait long to see if Rempe takes any of Scott's advice to heart.