John Scott sends hilarious message to the players who weren't drafted at the 2019 NHL Draft.

John Scott has a message.

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It's always nice to hear from former National Hockey League players, especially when they can throw a little humor in the mix.

The 2019 National Hockey League Entry Draft took place over the weekend and as in the case every year hundreds of young men had their lives changed as they had their names called out by their respective NHL team. It's a huge moment for the young men who are involved and as a result veteran players often reach out to them to give them a word of advice or merely congratulate them on their selection,

This year one such player was none other than former NHL enforcer John Scott who took to social media to send a kind word to all the young men who were selected this year. Scott's message was particularly interesting however because he also had something to say to each of the young men who weren't drafted this year. Scott also appeared to use that message to take a subtle jab, referencing the most infamous moment of his NHL career, but whether he was being self-deprecating or taking a shot at one particular NHL executive however will be based on your interpretation.

From Scott:

Congrats to all the guys who got drafted this weekend.

And if you didn’t, don’t give up. Remember, sometimes undrafted players go on to be All Star Game MVPs!

Scott was of course voted into the 2016 NHL All-Star Game and eventually played in that game even after the league appeared to throw every obstacle in his path to prevent him from doing so. Those obstacles, Scott alleged, included one NHL executive suggesting that his kids could be embarrassed by him performing at the event, a incident that many believe fueled Scott's desire to play in that game. He would of course go on to become the 2016 All-Star MVP. and NHL commissioner Gary Bettman had to shake his hand after the whole ugly fiasco as a result.