John Scott takes jab at Jeremy Roenick during in-game interview.


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Apparently John Scott doesn't just throw jabs with his fists.

When John Scott was voted captain for the Pacific All-Stars, not everyone was happy to see him represented at the 2016 NHL All-Star Game. One of the long-time enforcers' biggest detractors was former NHLer Jeremy Roenick. Roenick said John Scott lacked class in not declining his spot in the All-Star Game after winning the fan vote and giving up his spot to a more worthy teammate. He said Scott would “be as out of place at the NHL All-Star Game "as the only white guy at the Million Man March."

After Scott scored his first goal on Sunday, Roenick was behind the bench interviewing Brent Burns and decided to interview Scott at the same time. Scott clearly remembered the comments and decided to take a shot at the opinionated NBC Sports broadcaster.

“It’s not the first time you’ve been wrong,” said Scott.

Roenick might be needing some water for this burn.